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AS High Beginner: Tues May 20

Class Activities: 

-Students worked on their debate project. They practice out loud in front of the class and gave each other feedback.
-TAREA: Continue practice at home for the debate on Thursday.

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Logan before school intermediates 21 de mayo de 2014

Class Activities: 

Students answered following questions about artists from presentations last week:


¿Dónde nació Joan Miró?

¿Quién hizo 7,900 obras de arte, Velázquez o Miró?

¿Cómo se llama el género/estilo de Velázquez?

¿A quién vendió la obra The Farm Miró?

¿Dónde nació Velázquez?

Brynn presented about Salvador Dali and had a quiz after.

Students started the assessment and will complete it Friday morning so please make sure to arrive on time to class.

Tarea: for students who haven't presented, be ready to present Friday and we'll meet in the computer lab.

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Logan before school high intermediates 20 de mayo de 2014

Class Activities: 

Frase del día: el que mucho abarca, poco aprieta

Students had the class to practice for the debate about Madrid vs Barcelona on Thursday. They wrote everything they know about different categories having to do with Barcelona. Students divided up orders and responsibilities.

Tarea: be ready for debate Thursday

3rd Period Matrix: Fri May 16

Class Activities: 

-Students practiced conversation in partners.
-The class took the assessment test.
-Students spent time researching for the debate project.
-TAREA: Be ready to work with your group on Wednesday to finalize plans for the debate.

2nd Period Matrix: Fri May 16

Class Activities: 

-Students took the assessment test.
-Students shared their completed bilingual books with the class.
-We played a game for practice with numbers higher than 100.
-TAREA: Study the number sheet (Copies of these are outside the room)

1st Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Fri May 16

Class Activities: 

-Our class joined Nikki's class to hear a presentation from Marla about Barcelona, Spain.
-Together we reviewed new words and information we heard in the presentation.
-Both classes went outside to play a "running of the bulls" game.
-TAREA: none (John's class has no work to make up). The final portfolio project is due on Friday May 23rd.

AS High Beginner: Thurs May 15

Class Activities: 

-Students worked in the tech lab on their debate project.
-We talked about the format of the debate: Introduction, 3 Rebuttals, and a Conclusion. Students divided up these sections to work on. Each section should be at least 2 minutes long.
-We will have class on Tuesday to practice together and prepare for the debate Thursday.
-TAREA: work on the debate project. Bring in a final draft on Tuesday to revise and practice.

3rd Period Matrix: Wed May 14

Class Activities: 

-Students wrote silly conversations between two people and shared them with the class.
-We reviewed vocab around the classroom.
-The class was split into two group for the Madrid vs. Barcelona debate. Groups began working on dividing the project and researching.
-TAREA: continue working on project

2nd Period Matrix: Wed May 14

Class Activities: 

-Students turned in their partner books to the publishing center.
-We played the "Quien tiene" game to try and beat the class' previous time.
-We played Simon Dice to review action commands.
-We played a trivia basketball game to review important facts about Spain.
-TAREA: none (John's class does not have any work to make up)

1st Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Wed May 14

Class Activities: 

-Students answered review questions.
-We played a true/false game about the Spanish artists.
-We sang "La bonita Sara"
-We reviewed how to ask/answer about the time, and students practiced in partners.
-We read a book about Picasso and his Sylvette paintings.
-We played a game with the vocab about Spain.
-TAREA: none