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3rd Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Fri Feb 27

Class Activities: 

-Students practiced with conjugating verbs and putting them into the correct sentences.
-We played a couple different games for practice speaking and using common vocabulary.

2nd Period Matrix: Fri Feb 27

Class Activities: 

-Students answered questions about the video on Tomatina.
-We played a game for practice with common vocab.
-We reviewed common verbs.

1st Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Fri Feb 27

Class Activities: 

-Students corrected sentences in Spanish.
-We went over how to tell time in Spanish.
-We began discussing the difference between the verbs "ser" and "estar". We talked about "ser" today and when to use it.
-I handed out pages for students to make their own class passports. We will work on them next class.

AS Beginners: Fri Feb 27

Class Activities: 

-Students practiced with present tense.
-We played a game for review with vocab and verbs.
-Student worked on answering their mini conversation questions for Quinceaneras.
-Homework: We will have a verb quiz on Wednesday. Students should be able to change verbs for different subjects in present tense. Also, students need to complete the mini conversation questions for Quinceanera, using complete sentences.

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Logan before school intermediates 27 de febrero de 2015

Class Activities: 

Students answered attached questions about festivals

Frase del día: sí o sí

students had a stack of words and took turns describing them so the other person could guess. Words had to do with festivales y fiestas.

We did a big review of verbs (present, presente progresivo, futuro próximo, pretérito). For students who were not around, please get notes from your classmates.

We are going to have a big test on March 18th including: festivales y fiestas, frases del día, verbs from class today and some other review topics we will be going over in the next few classes.

AS High Beginners: Tues Feb 24

Class Activities: 

-We reviewed use of present tense verbs with a game.
-I explained the next project, which will be completed in partners/groups. Students will choose a festival and research the food that is a cultural aspect of that particular festival. We will begin presenting March 10th.
-We talked about conjugations in past tense, specifically preterite tense.
-Homework: Students should finish the back page of the preterite verb sheet for practice.

3rd Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Wed Feb 25

Class Activities: 

-Nikki's class joined us to watch videos about several different festivals in Spanish-speaking countries.

2nd Period Matrix: Wed Feb 25

Class Activities: 

-Students corrected mistakes from their previous quizzes.
-We decided on doing the Amazing Race next Wednesday in class.
-The class read out loud from the novel, "Carl no quiere ir a Mexico".
-We watched a video about the festival Tomatina in Spain. We will read about the history next class.

1st Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Wed Feb 25

Class Activities: 

-Students answered true/false review questions.
-The class practiced conversation in partners.
-We sang, "En Venezuela mi abuela".
-We read about the festival Inti Raymi. Students will be given a passport to fill out for all the countries/festivals we talk about in class.

AS Beginners: Wed Feb 25

Class Activities: 

-Students reviewed use of present tense verbs.
-The class played a group game for practice with conjugation in present tense.
-We went over vocab words for Quinceaneras.
-We read about how Quinceaneras are celebrated.