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Services offered by Denver Spanish House

Translation, Interpreting, Classes

For over 10 years Denver Spanish House has been providing classes, interpreting, translation, and cultural education to Denver's community of Spanish language speakers and learners.

Document Translation

Denver Spanish House offers document translation for schools, non-profit organizations and business wanting to communicate with the Spanish-speaking community. Documents are translated in a timely manner and are reviewed to be culturally appropriate. Online services can provide low-cost translations, but are likely to make mistakes, especially around a specific usage of a word. Call or email for a quote.

Interpreting - simultaneous or consecutive

Denver Spanish House offers on-site interpretation, specializing in educational, non-profit and governmental settings. Nikki's experience as a social worker helps her to work in sensitive situations where confidentiality is important and parties can become emotional. Please contact us for availability.

Simultaneous Spanish interpreting allows two parties to communicate live and provides them with the ability to confirm that they are being understood. Consecutive interpreting is the act of letting a speaker present some information which is periodically summarized to an audience. A presentation to an audience is typically interpreted consecutively.

Classes and Tutoring

Nikki has 10 years of experience teaching classes in a variety of environments: for both English learners and Spanish learners, inside companies to groups of coworkers, to students at a gifted and talented school, individual classes to both adults and teens, plus cooking classes in Spanish for kids.

Cooking Classes in Spanish for Kids

Cooking classes in Spanish are a great way for individuals or groups to get hands-on experience learning vocabulary in a fun, engaging experience. In a Spanish-language immersion environment, students will learn by doing, making and tasting Mexican aguas frescas, Argentine style empanadas, rice and beans from around the Spanish-speaking world, create their own salsas with tropical fruits and vegetables. Students will learn vocabulary about the rich cuisines of Spain and Latin America, while learning Spanish in a context-based environment. Get in touch about setting up a class.

Small group Individual classes / tutoring

$45 / hour at a mutually agreeable location. Classes can focus on your interests and can prepare you for a trip, improve your professional communication with Spanish-speaking clients, help with high school Spanish class work or AP exam preparation, or sharpen your conversation skills.

Large group classes / tutoring

$100 /hour for group classes for business and non-profit organizations, offered on-site. If students are at different levels, I can offer leveled sessions. I recommend an initial 8 week session of 90 minutes per class.