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About Denver Spanish House

Denver Spanish House is an effort by two local Spanish speaking residents to create a "cultural center" for all things related to the Spanish speaking world. Our goal is to help people learn the language, music, art, history, and cultures of the diverse Spanish speaking world. We currently achieve this by offering group and individual Spanish classes, special events, and a website dedicated to the subject with information on Spanish language movies, books, music and, obvio, wines. If you are interested in taking lessons, please contact us.

If you would like to receive emails about our upcoming classes and events as well as music, wine, book, and film recommendations and local Denver events, please use the newsletter form on the right. Your email privacy is important to us and we will never sell your contact information or send unwanted emails. All of our newsletters provide a way to "unsubscribe". The process works like this: submit your email using the form, get an email confirmation, click on the link in the confirmation email, click the "subscribe" button on the page linked from the confirmation email. Expect no more than 1 email a month.


my time at Denver Spanish House

I have studied with Nikki for about 8 months.
I'm a beginner and have sought to learn a new language in my late 60's because I mentor a Mexican pre-teen whose parents speak little English.
Nikki's curriculum is fun, challenging, and has lead me to put my nose to the grindstone daily.
I recommend her highly, to schools, to sites in business, where her direction is moving.
I do not regret my association with Nikki, she has encouraged me, helped me immesurably. given me encouragement to keep going, and it is working. I feel more at ease with my mentee's family in superficial conversation, in their home. I firmly believe that it has given them the ability to trust me.
El Abuelo de Morrison