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Practice your Spanish at the Museo de las Américas

Museo de las Américas offers some great programs to practice your Spanish in a fun setting.

Spanish Happy Hour

Every third Friday of the month from 5-8pm, Spanish-speakers of all levels are invited to have a drink and meet other Spanish-speakers. The cost is $3 for Museo members and $5 for general admission.

New Conversation class


Where to get mojitos en Denver? Cuba Cuba!

In the Golden Triangle neighborhood lies an adorable house, painted green with yellow trimming and iron sculpture of a palm tree out front, which is, my friends, restaurant Cuba Cuba. The Cuban eatery chicly transports you to the Caribbean island with its soft green walls, palm leaf fans, twinkly lights, and salsa meets bossa nova music. The food is good, but slightly pricey, so I often prefer to stop by for a few drinks in the cozy bar (which offers a brief happy hour).


A blog about Buenos Aires in Spanish

Written by 3 Argentines, andaBA, is a great blog about a great city: Buenos Aires. With a demonstrated knowledge and passion for history, the bloggers provide information about Buenos Aires with a new witty twist.

AndaBA ofrece postales de Buenos Aires tanto para aquellos que habitan la urbe como para quienes están de paso. Es una mirada caprichosa, injusta, improcedente, de facciones de la metrópoli que se nos antoja retratar.


Business in Denver helping Latinos gain access to benefits: Futuro Sólido U.S.A.

When I first started working, benefits meetings about 401k and medical insurance were pretty confusing, and it took a while for me to start taking advantage of my benefits. Add in being from another country and perhaps just learning English and benefits just got more complicated. Futuro Sólido U.S.A., a Denver-based business, works with companies that hire Spanish-speakers to make sure employees know the resources they have access to. This recent Denver Post article highlights some of the work Futuro Sólido U.S.A.


Bringing Buenos Aires to Denver - BA Pizzeria and Grill

Whenever I wish I could be in Buenos Aires while living in Denver, I head to the Buenos Aires Pizzeria, a partially hidden gem in north downtown. There is something comforting about the atmosphere of the restaurant, with photo of Tango singer legend Carlos Gardel on the wall with various football paraphernalia and photos of the city. It's as if you've walked into any restaurant in Buenos Aires. The menu includes a nice selection of Argentine wines, empanadas, Argentine style pizza options, pastas, several typical sandwiches, and some delicious gelato.


Where should I go in Spain?: A great Spanish itinerary

While spending a month in Spain, Greg and I formulated a perfect itinerary for a return trip. It may happen...un dia. First, fly into Madrid and spend a few days checking out museums including seeing Picasso's Guernica housed in Museo Nacional Reina Sofia...and eating churros y chocolate.


Learn Spanish for Less

Newsweek recently had an article about how to Parlez for Less. They provided some great ways to learn languages without spending much money and in some cases they are free. They included some of the techniques that we've been using for years so here's a recap with some extra ideas.

Include Spanish in Your Every Day Spend a little time making labels with masking tape, on your computer making labels, or steal that label-maker from work. Then, walk around your house with a dictionary and find the words for every day objects that you don't know and creating labels to put on those objects. Each time you open the door and see "puerta" by the handle you'll be reinforcing a common word into your brain. As you master the words, take the labels down. If you want, save them in a notebook for review later and to keep track of how many words you know.



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