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Perfect summer wine: Torrontés

Torrontés regions

I recently rediscovered Torrontés wine and have decided it will be one of my new white wine staples. The first time I learned about Torrontés was visiting the north of Argentina, around Salta and Cafayate, one of the main Torrontés growing regions. Now in Mendoza, Argentina, another producing area, I've had the chance to try several Torrontés wines and love the crisp, fragrant, refreshing varietal.

Torrontés grape

While the Malbec is often attributed to Argentina because they are so common here, Torrontés truly is an Argentine varietal. Created in Argentina, the Torrontés grape is a hybrid of the muscat and criolla grapes. Muscat is generally used to make sweeter, often late harvest wines. Torrontés are not sweet, and actually have low residual sugars, but borrow from muscat the refreshing fruit flavors in the nose.

Recommended Torrontés

The 2006 Mounier is incredible, but may be tough to find because of its limited production. Another delightful Torrontés comes from Vistalba's Tomero line. Easy to find and a great deal is Michel Torino from Cafayate in the north of Argentina.