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Cuban hip-hop: Orishas

You can't get much better Latin hip-hop than the Orishas or Ozomatli. The members of Orishas group are Cuban exiles, and many of their lyrics talk about life in Havana and the immigrant experience. From the song 'Emigrantes':

estoy cantando pa’mi gente
triste loco el que ha dejado atras
su sol, su gente, su camisa (estoy cantando pa' mi gente)
sin pensar tan lejos cambia todo
y la nostalgia te hace trizas (estoy cantando pa' mi gente)

i'm singing for my people
deeply sad for what he has left behind
his sun, his people, his shirt (i'm singing for my people)
without thinking that far away everything changes
and the nostalgia tears you to pieces (i'm singing for my people)

They lyrics are sometimes a contrast to the upbeat nature of the music, with its Cuban beats, keyboard, and horns that generally make you want to dance (or at least shimmy a little).

The group's name is a reference to the monotheistic deity of the Yoruba religion, originating in West Africa but brought to Cuba through the slave trade.