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Top 5 places to visit NOW in the Spanish-speaking world

Has Costa Rica got you down with its tourist explosion? Does Cozumel seem too unoriginal as your next vacation destination? Is Spain too expensive? Here are some recommendations about places you should check out...soon.

Where to Travel in Latin America

  1. Many people have already discovered that Argentina has the best of both worlds: it's extremely affordable and very developed. The country is on an upward trend to recovery after its 2001 economic collapse, which caused people to lose their homes and in many cases their life savings. It's important to be aware of the economic hardship Argentines have been through in the past few years, even though you may want to run around yelling about how cheap and delightful everything is. There is something for everyone in Argentina, from its glorious capital Buenos Aires, its indigenous influence in the northern desert, its wine country and lovely town of Mendoza at the base of the Andes mountains, and of course, who could forget Patagonia and the glaciers in the south? Argentina has always been a great place to travel with its geographic diversity and open culture, but it happens to be a good place to travel now because of its low prices.
  2. Uruguay, a small country often in the shadow of Argentina, has a lot to offer and is a mellow destination with plenty to see. The interior of the country is agricultural and offers tourists the option of staying at an estancia, or ranch, with opportunities to go horseback riding and observe ranching life. The picturesque town of Colonia de Sacramento, an old Portugese smuggler's port, can easily be visited as a day trip from Buenos Aires. The capital, Montevideo, has some great European architecture and a laid-back feel. The beaches, however, are the real pride of Uruguayans and focus for tourists. Besides glitzy Punta del Este, you have your choice of anything from resort towns to small fishing villages like Cabo Polonia.
  3. Honduras offers anything from the Mayan ruins of Copán, colonial towns like Gracias, to beaches and opportunities for adventure sports of the Mosquito coast. With an amazingly laid-back temperament, Hondurans know how to live and welcome tourists, perhaps because tourism is relatively new to the country.
  4. Cuba of course, may be seeing some drastic changes in the next few years. Haven't we all wondered about seeing Cuba before the Castro brothers and the embargo are history?
  5. Nicaragua is another Central American option that offers some affordable and interesting options. Although its tourism industry has grown by 70% in the last 7 years, it's no Costa Rica. With colonial towns like Granada and León, surfing and beaches, and the Corn Islands, Nicaragua is a great place to check out.