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Group Classes: Things to Know Before Class

What You Need For Class

A notebook and handouts will be provided by the Denver Spanish House, so the only resource you should have for home study is a Spanish dictionary. I recommend either a bilingual dictionary, a picture dictionary or a learner dictionary (such as the Dictionary Práctico del Estudiante).

What to Expect in Class

Classes will be small, between 5-10 students, and will focus on practicing conversations you will have in the real world. Classes will take place in an immersion setting so that you will start thinking and operating in Spanish as soon as possible. We are believers in learning and practicing Spanish outside of the classroom to learn more quickly.

Location and Directions

Denver Spanish House is located at 1045 Acoma, Suite 3. We are located near the Denver Art Museum and Central Denver Library near downtown Denver in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Acoma is one block West of Broadway. Neither Acoma nor 10th are through streets, so if you are unfamiliar with the location we recommend getting directions in advance.

Click here for photos of the Denver Spanish House facility.


Two hour free parking is available along Acoma street, and there are generally plenty of street spaces available. Be careful not to park in any of the private parking lots since they have a tendency to tow cars.

Class Payment Policy

You can either pay for class all at once ($144) or the first of two payments ($75). Please send a check or money to the address below or you can pay using PayPal. Payment must be received in advance to ensure your place in class. It is not possible to pay for one class at a time. If you are planning to pay with cash, please let us know.

Denver Spanish House, LLC
1045 Acoma Street, Suite 3
Denver, Colorado 80204

If you miss a class, 50% of the value of missed classes can be used as credit in a new 8-week series of classes.

Other Policies

  • Unfortunately, we are not equipped to have young kids accompany parents to class unless the class is specifically for kids.
  • We cannot have pets in the building.

Hasta pronto

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon! If there are any questions we have not answered, please use the contact form or call us 303-246-6175.