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Tango Electrónico: Gotan Project and more

Musical group the Gotan Project is starting to make the crossover in America to become a recognized name in modern Tango music. Here in Argentina, it's practically reached Fergie bubblegum pop status. The other day we heard the same Gotan Project album played at 6 different shops, partially for the benefit of tourists I'm sure. The name, Gotan Project, comes from Spanish slang in Buenos Aires in which syllables in words are reversed, where cafe con leche becomes feca con chele and tango is therefore, gotan. Gotan Project is part of the most recent iteration of the constantly adapting and changing Tango : a movement known as tango nuevo or tango electrónico. If you like the Gotan Project, check out Otros Aires, Narcotango, or Bajofondo. The three groups have more of an electronic, interesting, and sometimes dissonant sound than the Gotan Project.