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Southern Spanish Sounds: Chambao

Much like Ojos de Brujo, Chambao provides an interesting twist to traditional Flamenco music from the south of Spain. Their music brings to mind the hot dry days in Andalucia, with a clear influence from the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar. The group originally formed in Málaga including three members, now includes two: María del Mar Rodríguez "La Mari" and Eduardo Casañ, "El Edi". Their name itself is indicative of southern Spain, a chambao is an improvised tent used on the beach to shelter users from the wind and sun, both strong in the area.

The group has created the genre Flamenco Chill, although their music is pretty high energy and more dissonant that one might imagine the new musical style. La Mari's, with her beautiful and unique voice, often performs with other musicians, including Jarabe de Palo (like the song below, Dejame vivir), Bebe, and even Ricky Martin.