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Federico Aubele

Although his music in undeniably influenced by his home, Buenos Aires, Federico Aubele describes his own sounds as a hybrid of music throughout the Americas, inspiring the title of his 2007 album Panamericana. His music is nostalgic and tranquilo, often featuring the haunting voice of Natalie Clavier against flamenco guitar, tango bandoneĆ³n, and electronic beats. His music offers wide appeal, and if his YouTube comments are any indication, his listeners are not defined by a single language. I truly don't know how you couldn't like his music.



Tickets for Federico Aubele

I'm Jack Mudry, host of KUVO's Sunday morning program of Latin American music, La Nueva Voz on 89.3FM. Tommorrow, Sunday, October 4, I will present a show on Federico Aubele and give away tickets for his show, but only for KUVO members. My program is at 8am, asi que tienen que ser madrugadores para obtener los boletos. Como dice el dicho :Camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente, so be an early bird to catch the worm, or at least the tickets. If you are not a KUVO member, you can join from October 8th to the 20th, during our next membership drive. La Nueva Voz is the only bilingual program about the politics, culture and music of Latin America in Colorado. Muchas gracias y nos vemos pronto----Jack