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Top 9 Online Resources for Learning Spanish

  1. Listening activities through the University of Texas is one of the best resources available, providing videos of native speakers talking about various topics, ranging to talking about a typical day to more advanced discussions of current events. Each topic has 6 native speakers talking about the subject, exposing students to different accents and vocabulary.
  2. LingusTV is another great site offering free dramatic videos with subtitles in Spanish for all levels. The videos are funny and entertaining, providing an enjoyable way to strengthen listening skills.
  3. Livemocha: is a free website for learning various languages. The site is a great way to practice the language in a fun and interactive way, while providing the necessary opportunity for plenty of repetition.
  4. News in slow Spanish: provides weekly updates with world news with native speakers speaking slowly. New vocabulary and expressions are presented in various ways (including a transcript).
  5. WordReference is a free online dictionary that provides more than a word for word translation, it provides contextual definitions with sentences as well as compound words, idioms and expressions. They also have a great forum discussing translations and commonly confused grammatical concepts.
  6. Studyspanish provides sequential lessons (written in English) as well as quizzes, tests, and drills to practice what you've learned. Like many websites, you get access to all of their resources if you pay, but the free lessons, quizzes and tests are great.
  7. BBC learn Spanish is another free interactive site to learn Spanish using a variety of mediums and techniques. A new feature includes Mi Vida Loca, a interactive telenovela graded for beginners with 22 episodes integrating Spanish language, culture, and travel. BBC Mundo is a great resource for intermediate and advanced students, providing articles and interesting videos about Latin America and the world.
  8. Lo Mas TV is another site providing some free resources but most of the site's material is for paying customers. The site offers various videos with the ability to slow down the sound to the listener's level. There are some other interactive elements such as seeing the transcript and clicking on the words to find the definitions.
  9. DELE tests are for those of you interested in testing your level. The Cervantes Institute provides free tests on its site that test all four language skills plus a grammar section along with an answer key to see how you did.