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Miami comes to Denver: Buchi Cafe Cubano

Driving down 38th Avenue in Northwest Denver, you wouldn't necessarily notice this little gem that opened up in September 2007 to provide a little slice of Miami in Denver. A delightful sandwich and coffee shop, Buchi Cafe Cubano offers a more everyday, accessible version to Cuban fare than, say, Cuba Cuba or LoDo's Samba Room.

The space is small and quaint, a great place to meet for coffee, a quick lunch, or a place to spend a few hours with your computer since Buchi offers free WiFi. The menu offers varied grilled sandwiches (many of them including ham, obvio), empanadas, and salads. The cafe con leche is incredible, but the currently non-alcoholic drink menu offers some other interesting drinks hard to find in Denver.

Here are the details:

2651 W 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 458-1328