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How will I become fluent in Spanish? One Student's Advice

Diós mio!!!! How will I ever learn Spanish?

  • Try to spend at least one hour per day learning Spanish. Mix it up- 15 minutes in the morning watching TV, online 20 minutes at some point during the day, talk to yourself in Spanish while driving in the car, etc.
  • Study textbooks of increasing difficulty. The first book that I bought was “Spanish for Dummies”, now I study Intermediate textbooks.
  • Learn vocabulary like crazy!! Learn the Spanish words for everything that you see in your life.
  • Don’t put yellow stickies on items all around your house that have the Spanish word for that item on them, your wife will get grouchy about that.
  • Translate anything that you see written in Spanish. Brochures, signs in stores, labels and instructions on cartons and boxes.
  • Speak Spanish anytime that you can. I don’t always have someone to speak with so I talk out loud to myself.
  • Watch Spanish TV and movies. Watch the nightly news first in English and then in Spanish. Fifteen minutes of Despierta America everyday whether you need it or not!
  • Use different websites and study them every day.
  • Learn the culture, don’t just learn how to talk Spanish- be Spanish!
  • When you see commercials for programs or products that will teach you to be fluent in months, laugh at them! It’s going to take years!!
  • Take a weekly Spanish class. Being around others that are at your same level is really fun! I have learned so much from other students in my class and my teacher, Nikki, rocks Spanish to the MAXX!