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Las historias: presentaciones y repaso

Class Activities: 

Students completed this worksheet about preterite and imperfect verbs and we went over it. I reminded students that routines in past are imperfect (we always went skiing, we went every week, they traveled every summer).

Students handed in their homework -- rough draft and final pictures for their book. I will hand back corrections on Thursday and students need to hand in final draft for next Tuesday.

Students presented their text and picture they had written about Cuando era niño. Students listened and answered questions about each student.

Tarea: we're having a brief quiz about our story unit, including preterite and imperfect verbs (including irregulars). Students should also know things like "once upon a time" and "they lived happily ever after".

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Las historias: historias con refranes

Class Activities: 

Students arrived and had 10 minutes to invent a game to practice imperfect and preterite verb conjugations. There were several tools students could use and they came up with some great ideas. Practiced conjugations playing games for 10 minutes.

Students are writing stories that will be bound into books based on a saying of their choosing. Books should include about 6 pages of illustrations, so students planned out their pictures and what part of the story will go with each illustration. Students had remainer of the class to plan their illustrations and start writing the rough draft of their story.

Tarea: complete either 4 of the 6 illustrations or write the majority of the story. Students have class on Thursday to work on their book and the final draft will be due next Tuesday.

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Historias: verbos irregulares y refranes 2/28/12

Class Activities: 

Students completed two pages of a "quiz" about preterite/imperfect conjugations. We went over answers as a class.

There are several common irregular verbs in the preterite that students need to know. Here are the irregular preterite conjugations. We focused on: tener, poder, poner, venir, ser, estar, decir.

We learned several refranes/dichos (sayings) en español:
* Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona queda.
* Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres.
* El ave temprano atrapa el lombriz.

Here are several Spanish sayings and their translations.

Tarea: students are to memorize irregular preterite conjugations (above) and chose a partner and refran/dicho that they want to write a story about. We will be writing the story on Thursday so they just need to identify the refrain.

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Música y organización de la clase

Class Activities: 

Students wrote a sentence about themselves using the 6 verbs on the attached worksheet. The remaining 5 verbs are for next week.

At their tables, students talked about what they learned about Shakira during class on Wednesday and for homework. We talked as a group about what we know about Shakira.

We went over how class is going to be organized this year:
Spanish binder: Students have brought in 3 ring binders that will generally stay in the classroom and include their work and handouts. The first page (attached) keeps track of the quarter's attendance, homework and quizzes. Students added papers to divide the binder into different sections: apuntes (notes), tarea (homework), do now (an activity we do the first 5 minutes of every class), and música. Each student also has a folder that they will use to transport their homework and papers to and from class.
absences: if students miss class, they must make up work by reading the lesson plan and doing what we did in class. They should put their work in the tarea section next time they are in class.

Tarea: research music group Maná (nominated for a Latin Grammy this year) and write 5 sentences about group.

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