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My 10 favorite Spanish words

  1. Trabalenguas: literally "tongue obstacle" or tonguetwister. A few examples:
    Tres tristes tigres trigan trigo en un trigal
    Mi mamá me mima mucho
  2. Paracaídas, paraguas, rompecabezas or any other compound word: The fall stopper (parachute), water stopper (umbrella), or head breaker (puzzle).
  3. Esposas: wives or handcuffs. Seem machista? In English we have the old ball and chain...
  4. Tranquilo (chill/mellow) does a great job of describing all types of things.
  5. Estrenar, tutear are nice concise verbs, to use or show something for the first time (estrenar) and to use the familiar tú form (tutear).
  6. Ojo: this is a great gesture (pointing to your eye) or verbal warning to watch out.
  7. Pega: snag, as in Hay una pega...
  8. Perezoso: the adjective for lazy or the name of a lazy animal: sloth.
  9. Pantuflas: a regional word for slippers.
  10. Anything that ends in -ito: I love the variety of words the suffix -ito can be added to: ahorita, momentito, despacito, tontito, etc.

¿Cuáles son tus palabritas favoritas?



Las palabras favoritas

La toalla-fun to say
el cesped-fun to say
Me da una bronca- I spilled my coffee when I learned this phrase- to give anger or frustration
por supuesto
Sin embargo
Que lastima
licquado- smoothie (don't eat this for breakfast)

Las palabras favoritas

Aguaguagua--Ferry or "water bus"--so fun to say!
Trabajabamos--who said the imperfect had no appeal?