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Hacienda del Plata: a winery representing Argentina

Perhaps one of the wineries in Mendoza that best encapsulates the gaucho image and lifestyle of Argentina is Hacienda del Plata. The winery actually grew out of the ranching lifestyle: its parent company a famous grain grower in Cordoba, Argentina. In 1999, the company started the winery, and all of its wines have names related to the ranching industry: Zagal (the name for a young man who works on a ranch), Arrieros (named after an older cattle driver), Mayoral (the boss of the ranch), and Cumbre (the summit, in this case the Andes). Their newest addition, a Sauvignon Blanc, is the Nevisca, named after the light snow that falls in the morning but has melted by the afternoon, a warning that the wine should be enjoyed quickly.

This boutique winery makes some affordable and enjoyable wines. I was pleased to find that the Zagal Malbec was my favorite of all of the wines we tasted, and was also one of the cheapest. Definitely a deal, this young wine had some great complex flavors including some nice oak.