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Wine tasting at the Museo de las Américas

The Museo de las Américas hosts a Spanish-speaking happy hour every third Friday of the month. While drinking a beer or sipping on a glass of wine, the evening provides a great opportunity to practice your Spanish and snack on some themed food from a local restaurant.

Wine Tasting Activity

There's also a planned activity ranging from art projects to tequila tastings to provide a little variety and the chance to meet more people. This month Denver Spanish House planned the activity, combining a wine tasting (obvio) with a wine trivia game. The wines included Gimenez Riili 2006 Torrontés, Kaiken 2006 Malbec, and Montes 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. While tasting the wines, participants had the task to get the answers of the 20 questions related to wine from the Spanish-speaking world (available on the document attached). In addition to having the sheet with 20 questions, each person got one answer to share with people as they mingled soliciting answers.

Overall, the event went well and provided an opportunity to meet more people and learn a little about wine from the Spanish-speaking world.