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Volver (Coming Back): Pedro Almodóvar film with Penélope Cruz

Title: Volver (Coming Back)
Released: 2006

Ask any American about Spanish actress Penélope Cruz and they'll say: "she's beautiful". But is she a good actress? Hollywood films like Blow don't do a very good job of showcasing Cruz's talents as an actress; instead, they focus on her beauty and 'exoticness'. Enter Pedro Almodóvar, one of the most well-known Spanish directors, who also happens to know how talented Cruz is. Working together for the first time since Todo sobre mi madre, Volver is a fantastic film and Cruz is a worthy main character.

The storyline is less important than the main characters and their relationships. Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) is a mother who regains her independence after her husband's accident. Her sister, Sole, is a hairdresser and worrier who helps hold the family together through a family member's unexpected return... The story is simple, yet filled with humor and caring that reminded me why I love to venture to the foreign film section so often.