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Music, Wine, and Denver Spanish House Changes

Denver Spanish House Class Changes

We have made the decision that we will no longer be offering on-site group classes at our office space this fall. Thank you to all of you who have participated in group classes this last year, it has been a true pleasure working with you.

In place of on-site group classes, we will be offering the following classes:

  • Private classes
  • On-location classes at your business, local library, or home
  • Before and After School programs at schools

Please contact me with any questions about our new classes.

Upcoming Live Latin Music

Saludos from the Denver Spanish House!

In this issue: summer wine recommendation, Denver Spanish House open house, and new class offerings

Open House at the Denver Spanish House

Come visit our new office space and enjoy some snacks and drinks from the Spanish-speaking world while visiting with others interested in Spanish.

¿Cuándo? Next Wednesday, August 13th from 5-8pm
¿Dónde? Denver Spanish House office: 1045 Acoma Street, Suite 3. Acoma is one block west of Broadway, and our office is between 10th and 11th. Click here for directions.
¿Por qué? To see what the Denver Spanish House is all about

Denver Spanish House current class offerings

If you're interested in Spanish classes, below are some August and September options. See our website for more information about classes.

Wine from the end of the earth: Patagonian reds

Wineries of Patagonia: Dino Vino

A relatively new wine industry is cropping up in Neuquén, Argentina, a province making up the north of Patagonia, known for its dinosaur bones. The three wineries we visited, NQN, Bodega del fin del Mundo, and Familia Schroeder, are all relatively large wineries with decent advertising budgets. Their success has been notable outside of Argentina, perhaps due to the allure of drinking a wine from an area thought to be exotic and uncontaminated. The wines, however, are not just enjoyed abroad: a recent article reported residents of Neuquén consume more wine than milk in their diets.

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