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AS Beginners: Wed Apr 15

Class Activities: 

-Students took a test on Festivals.
-We played a game for practice with common verbs.
-We talked about our next theme, Famous People. We went over new vocabulary for the first person, Celia Cruz. Students worked on the questions at the bottom; these are to be finished for homework. Students should also be studying their 50 common verbs at home.

AS High Beginners: Tues Apr 14

Class Activities: 

-Students re-took a quiz on preterite tense if needed.
-The class practiced talking about what they used to do when they were younger.
-We talked about our next project, on a famous Latino of each student's choice. Included in the project is creating a 5x7 card with the person's picture and important facts. We will use these for a large timeline. The project is due on April 23rd. We will present in class.

3rd Period Matrix w/ Kimber: Wed Apr 8

Class Activities: 

-Students read out loud in partners from "Pobre Ana"
-We played a game for practice with most common verbs.
-I handed out our next activity, mini-skits to be performed in class. I assigned students to their roles in each play.
-We went over past tense verbs in preterite tense. Students must complete the practice sheet for homework if they didn't finish in class.

2nd Period Matrix: Wed Apr 8

Class Activities: 

-Students practiced with verbs in present tense.
-We played a game for practice with speed and present tense verbs.
-We went over vocab for art. Our next theme is Famous People and we will be discussing famous Spanish-speaking artists.
-Students will have a quiz on Friday over the "Frases para usar en clase".

AS Beginners: Wed April 8

Class Activities: 

-Students translated sentences to Spanish using present tense verbs and vocab about festivals.
-We played a Jeopardy game for practice with several topics.
-Students will have a text next Wednesday on the festival vocab and information.