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Volver (Coming Back): Pedro Almodóvar film with Penélope Cruz

Title: Volver (Coming Back)
Released: 2006

Ask any American about Spanish actress Penélope Cruz and they'll say: "she's beautiful". But is she a good actress? Hollywood films like Blow don't do a very good job of showcasing Cruz's talents as an actress; instead, they focus on her beauty and 'exoticness'. Enter Pedro Almodóvar, one of the most well-known Spanish directors, who also happens to know how talented Cruz is. Working together for the first time since Todo sobre mi madre, Volver is a fantastic film and Cruz is a worthy main character.


The making of an Argentine hero: Martín Fierro

Title: Martín Fierro
Released: 2007

An animated version of José Hernández's epic poem Martín Fierro just hit theaters in Argentina, and perhaps elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world. While the theater had a good showing of kids, the storyline was definitely for mature audiences, with themes of war, love, and betrayal throughout. The story goes something like this: Martín Fierro is forced to leave his idyllic life on his ranch, and promises his wife and kids he will return within 6 months when he is conscripted to join the revolutionary army and fight Indians on the northern border of Argentina. Life in the army is hard, and directly clashes with Martín Fierro's fierce gaucho independence. After a clash with the Indians, Fierro defects and goes back to his ranch where he hopes to find his family waiting and dreams of going back to the way things were. They, however, are not.


Más que un hombre

Title: Más que un hombre
Released: 2007

I recently saw Más
que un hombre
in the fashionable Puerto Madero Cinemark theater in Buenos Aires. The movie was one of the only Argentine films among the sea of Hollywood flicks, but the theater featuring Más que un Hombre ended up being completely empty. Despite the lack of local interest, the film was a great take on an old theme: life during the Dirty War military dictatorship of the 1970s, with (somehow), a comedic twist.


KM 0 (Kilometer Zero)

Title: Kilómetro Cero (Kilometer Zero)
Released: 2000

Kilometer Zero is the story of 14 lives that intersect at Plaza de sol in Madrid on hot summer day in August. Through chance meetings and mistaken identities, the chararters form and rediscover relationships. The movie weaves together six storylines, and does a great job of bringing the stories together at the end to provide a funny climax for the movie. The stories are each enough to make a decent movie on their own, but slicing them together ends up producing a little less development in each story but a funny original movie in total. At times the production felt a little weak or the plot a little predictable, but overall this is a solid, funny film.



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