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Family Winemaking Tradition: Argentine Winery Familia Cassone

Old World and New World Wines

Frederico Casonne from Familia Cassone Winery in Mendoza, Argentina describes the world of wine as divided into two groups: Old World wines from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany and New World wines crafted in Argentina, Chile, United States, New Zealand, and South Africa. Without history and tradition on their side, New World wineries hope to create a new kind of wine, with their own style and distinct taste.

The Cassone Family and their Wines


French winemaking in Argentina: Bodega Monteviejo

We're French, darling...

French winemaking is certainly well represented in Mendoza, Argentina, from charming boutique winery Carinae, to elegant Alta Vista to aristocratic Bodega Monteviejo. Bodega Monteviejo is part of the Clos de los Siete, a project including famed winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland. The winery is owned by Catherine Péré-Vergé from France.

About Bodega, Monteviejo

Like many wineries in Mendoza, Bodega Monteviejo is relatively new: its first harvest was in 2002. Located in the beautiful Uco Valley with a view of the Andean cordillera, the winery exudes the elegance you would expect from a French-owned winery.

Wines from Bodega Monteviejo

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