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Splurge-worthy wine recommendations from Argentina

What is a splurge-worthy wine?

It seems that one reason many people are attracted to wine from the Spanish-speaking world--Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay--is because they are generally extremely economical. You can get a great bottle of wine for $10 and even less. Since most people want to spend around $10-$15 for a bottle of wine, I'm defining a splurge as anything above $15. While there are some that are significantly more than that, the most expensive bottle I'm recommending is $50.

Price to quality

Sure a $100 bottle of wine is probably good. It's probably great. But is it worth the price? Is it really that much better than a different $25 bottle, will you really get $75 more enjoyment out of it...which would take 20 hours of teaching English in Argentina to pay for?

Argentine blends


Bodega La Azul

La Azul Winery

This enormously cute winery in Valley de Uco of Mendoza, Argentina, La Azul is one of the smallest production wineries we've visited. Perhaps their size allows the focus and attention needed to produce some incredible wines. Like many wineries in Mendoza, Azul is a relatively new winery in Argentina with its first wines produced in 2003.


The Great Malbec Experiment: Wines of Achaval-Ferrer

Winery Achaval-Ferrer started out in 1999 as an experiment. The winery owners saw great potential to make premium Malbec wines in Argentina, a purpose which they have pursued with gusto. The winery focuses on quality and making high-end wines, resulting in a small production of 12,000 bottles per year of which 80% will be consumed outside of Argentina.


French winemaking in Argentina: Bodega Monteviejo

We're French, darling...

French winemaking is certainly well represented in Mendoza, Argentina, from charming boutique winery Carinae, to elegant Alta Vista to aristocratic Bodega Monteviejo. Bodega Monteviejo is part of the Clos de los Siete, a project including famed winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland. The winery is owned by Catherine Péré-Vergé from France.

About Bodega, Monteviejo

Like many wineries in Mendoza, Bodega Monteviejo is relatively new: its first harvest was in 2002. Located in the beautiful Uco Valley with a view of the Andean cordillera, the winery exudes the elegance you would expect from a French-owned winery.

Wines from Bodega Monteviejo


Tempus Alba Winery - Preludio Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pleno

One of the more modern wineries in Mendoza, Tempus Alba combines technology with family-run pride, resulting in some delicious and affordable wines. One of the winery's main goals is to make the best Malbec in Argentina, a lofty goal where Malbec is one of the most popular varietals in Argentina. In search of the best Malbec grapes, the winery is testing and researching 370 vines to find ones that will produce a superior Malbec.


Wines from Vistalba

The Vistalba winery

Tucked into the Vistalba neighborhood of Mendoza surrounded by grapevines and olive trees, the Vistalba winery is cutting edge yet boutique. The Pulenta brothers sold Trapiche winery, one of the biggest wineries and most well known internationally, and brother Carlos Pulenta started his own project, Vistalba. The winery was built in 2002 and is extremely modern and well-finished.

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