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A Family-Run Boutique Winery: Bodega Sottano

Bodega Sottano's story

On the same road where you'll find Séptima and Ruca Malén, relatively new winery Sottano is making some great wines and is opening its doors to winery tours. The winery is a shared project of the three Sottano brothers, natives of Mendoza with Italian heritage and a family history of bulk winemaking. The winery building was designed by the brothers with the goals of fitting into the desert landscape of Mendoza and on the inside, being able to see all aspects of the winery from one place: the cellars and barrels, the tanks, the vineyard, and, of course, the beautiful Andes mountains that provide the water runoff that makes grape-growing possible in Mendoza.


Bodega La Azul

La Azul Winery

This enormously cute winery in Valley de Uco of Mendoza, Argentina, La Azul is one of the smallest production wineries we've visited. Perhaps their size allows the focus and attention needed to produce some incredible wines. Like many wineries in Mendoza, Azul is a relatively new winery in Argentina with its first wines produced in 2003.


Viña Cobos: luxury wines of Argentina

The Story behind Viña Cobos

When Greg tried the first wine, a 2006 Chardonnay from Viña Cobos, he immediately remarked with a look of surprise, "oh, wow". His comment carried over to all of the wines we tasted from Viña Cobos, perhaps owing to fact that one of its owners is a California winemaker, a region that has formed the basis for many American wine-palates.

The winery's first harvest was in 1998, but its story starts in California, when Luis and Andrea went to work in the wine industry and met oenologist and winery owner Paul Hobbs. Throughout their time together, they came to the agreement that they would start a winery in Argentina, a country with limitless potential to make great wine. The winery started with $80,000, much of which was lost in the 1998 harvest, a notoriously bad year for Argentine wineries.

Viña Cobos vinos

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