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Perfect summer wine: Torrontés

Torrontés regions

I recently rediscovered Torrontés wine and have decided it will be one of my new white wine staples. The first time I learned about Torrontés was visiting the north of Argentina, around Salta and Cafayate, one of the main Torrontés growing regions. Now in Mendoza, Argentina, another producing area, I've had the chance to try several Torrontés wines and love the crisp, fragrant, refreshing varietal.

Torrontés grape


Supreme wines of Argentina: O. Fournier

O. Fournier's story

Spanish winery owner Jose Manuel Ortega has positioned himself in three of the best wine-producing regions in the world: Mendoza, Argentina; Rioja, Spain; and Maula Valley, Chile. The Argentine wines of O. Fournier come from grapes planted in the Valley de Uco, one of the high altitude regions that produce fruit touted to be some of the best in Argentina.


Tempus Alba Winery - Preludio Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pleno

One of the more modern wineries in Mendoza, Tempus Alba combines technology with family-run pride, resulting in some delicious and affordable wines. One of the winery's main goals is to make the best Malbec in Argentina, a lofty goal where Malbec is one of the most popular varietals in Argentina. In search of the best Malbec grapes, the winery is testing and researching 370 vines to find ones that will produce a superior Malbec.


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