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The Great Malbec Experiment: Wines of Achaval-Ferrer

Winery Achaval-Ferrer started out in 1999 as an experiment. The winery owners saw great potential to make premium Malbec wines in Argentina, a purpose which they have pursued with gusto. The winery focuses on quality and making high-end wines, resulting in a small production of 12,000 bottles per year of which 80% will be consumed outside of Argentina.


French winemaking in Argentina: Bodega Monteviejo

We're French, darling...

French winemaking is certainly well represented in Mendoza, Argentina, from charming boutique winery Carinae, to elegant Alta Vista to aristocratic Bodega Monteviejo. Bodega Monteviejo is part of the Clos de los Siete, a project including famed winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland. The winery is owned by Catherine Péré-Vergé from France.

About Bodega, Monteviejo

Like many wineries in Mendoza, Bodega Monteviejo is relatively new: its first harvest was in 2002. Located in the beautiful Uco Valley with a view of the Andean cordillera, the winery exudes the elegance you would expect from a French-owned winery.

Wines from Bodega Monteviejo


Perfect summer wine: Torrontés

Torrontés regions

I recently rediscovered Torrontés wine and have decided it will be one of my new white wine staples. The first time I learned about Torrontés was visiting the north of Argentina, around Salta and Cafayate, one of the main Torrontés growing regions. Now in Mendoza, Argentina, another producing area, I've had the chance to try several Torrontés wines and love the crisp, fragrant, refreshing varietal.

Torrontés grape


Viña Cobos: luxury wines of Argentina

The Story behind Viña Cobos

When Greg tried the first wine, a 2006 Chardonnay from Viña Cobos, he immediately remarked with a look of surprise, "oh, wow". His comment carried over to all of the wines we tasted from Viña Cobos, perhaps owing to fact that one of its owners is a California winemaker, a region that has formed the basis for many American wine-palates.

The winery's first harvest was in 1998, but its story starts in California, when Luis and Andrea went to work in the wine industry and met oenologist and winery owner Paul Hobbs. Throughout their time together, they came to the agreement that they would start a winery in Argentina, a country with limitless potential to make great wine. The winery started with $80,000, much of which was lost in the 1998 harvest, a notoriously bad year for Argentine wineries.

Viña Cobos vinos


Boutique French winemaking in Argentina: CarinaE winery

Bodega CarinaE

Though only 5km from Tempus Alba, winery CarinaE seems a whole world away. While many wineries try to be modern and technological, CarinaE embraces history and tradition, while providing a quaint and family-feel to their endevour. CarinaE is a 'boutique' winery producing 70,000 bottles of wine per year. We learned the official designation of 'boutique' is a winery that produces less than 100,000 bottles annually. CarinaE plans to eventually produce up to 100,000 bottles, but will shift in quality and make fewer young wines and more oak and bottle-aged ones.


A smaller project from a winemaking family: Pulenta Estate, La Flor, Gran Corte

Tour of Pulenta Estate

A barrel with wineglasses sits at the entrance of Pulenta Estate Winery, welcoming visitors to the winery, luring them to taste delicious wines. Sauvignon Blanc grapes ripen next to the beautiful, modern, and naturally landscaped facility.


Barrel tasting at El Lagar Carmelo Patti

Carmelo Patti wine tour

El Lagar Carmelo Patti is one of the best wineries to visit in Mendoza. It's not the facility like Vistalba or the view like Ruca Malén that make the visit great, but the personalized tour given by the winemaker himself, Carmelo Patti. A knowledgeable and friendly man, it's clear that the wine maker has passion and pride for what he does. When other wineries would ask what wineries we've visited and we mentioned Carmelo Patti, generally a big smile would come to the tour guide's face.


Traditional wines from Argentina: La Rural, makers of Trumpeter

La Rural Winery

One of the best historic wineries in Argentina is La Rural. The tour of the winery is weak, with a large group of visitors and a one wine tasting. However, the winery itself is interesting to see, with it's artsy and atmospheric tasting room and wine museum.



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